Dubai World Game Summit is the largest annual gathering of professional game developers, publishers, investors and media, focusing on learning, inspiring, and networking. DWGS draws attention to the local game developments and business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. The summit in 2011 focused on game development in the MENA region including online games, social games, console games, game design, business and management, localization, and visual arts.

Why Attend

This leading platform consisting of panel discussions with industry experts and leaders make the Summit the perfect opportunity to furnish yourself and your business with immense knowledge that will lead to successful business. Gain updates while you network with industry peers.

In response to the most popular sessions from the last edition of the Dubai World Game Summit (DWGS), the Summit in 2012 will have more sessions with high level speakers and key industry players than ever before.

DWGS provides exclusive business opportunities for corporations wanting to expand in to the rapidly developing market of the MENA region.

The Summit is designed to maximise your networking opportunities – ensuring you walk away with important contacts and potential business opportunities.

● Hone your Knowledge
● Learn practical tools and techniques
● Gain a better understanding in order to increase profitability
● Discover creative new sales and marketing strategies
● Establish valuable connections during sessions and networking breaks
● Develop new skills you can utilize at DWGS and throughout your career.

For more information on speaking opportunities at the Dubai World Game Summit please contact Wissam Ezzeddine at

Opening Keynotes
Time: 11:00 – 11:45
Sidar Sahin


Peak Games (Turkey)

Topic: Disrupting Middle East Markets through Gaming
How gaming can transform Middle East, by creating a totally new industry and a vast, untouched market. Creating myriad possibilities of jobs in the region through gaming companies. In the beginning serving locally, later on taking things a step further and going global.
Middle East’s Game Development and Government Initiatives Session
Time: 12:00 – 12:45
“Middle East’s Game Development and Government Initiatives Session” (12:00 – 12:45) The Middle East has been pretty much off the map when it comes to making video games. However, small Middle East based start-up companies are now growing and supported by the local governments. Government initiatives aim to create the game industry in the Middle East in order to generate more wealth, create more jobs and promote the country as an attractive place to invest and do business. They assist individuals, firms and industries to identify opportunities, develop capability to respond to the opportunities, and exploit the opportunities. It is a key component of sustainable development and complements and is complemented by a range of policies such as those relating to regional development, human capability, the regulation of business, the provision of infrastructure services and the protection. Government has a key role to play in game industry development by providing leadership to overcome the difficulties.
Behrouz Minaei

Managing Director

Iran National Foundation of Computer Games (Iran)

Nour Khrais


Jordan Gaming Task Force (Jordan)

Ubisoft in the Emirates, Jobs and Career Opportunities Session
Time: 14:00 – 14:30
Topics Ubisoft in the Emirates, Jobs and Career Opportunities
Yannick Theler

General Manager

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Game Design & Programming Session supported by IGDA Middle East
Time: 15:00 – 15:45
Mahmoud Ali Khasawneh


quirkat (Jordan)

Topics: Game production Experience in the Middle East
The speaker will demonstrate real case studies of Quirkat’s development efforts and firsthand experience in game design and production to bring to market leading titles for PC, mobile, web/Facebook, PSP and PS3. The higher up in the development food chain, the more difficult it is for regional developers since they have to dive in at full throttle without the required experience that’s available in the mature global game development market. What will it take to solidify Arab developers’ positions technically in the world? After all, we might be regional but we compete globally. How do we accelerate this process and catch up?
Ahmad Jadallah

Director of Development, Games and Media

Semanoor International (Saudi Arabia)

Topics: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Creating the Middle East’s first Multiplatform Episodic Game
Developing the Middle East’s first Multiplatform video game can be a real challenge in itself, but factor in a browser based multiplayer component on Facebook, Console Optimization . Multilanguage localization for text and speech and fitting all this into an episodic structure and you are looking at a huge mountain to climb. This post-mortem outlines the development process that the team at Saudi Arabia-based studio Semaphore adopted for their first game project utilizing the Unity Game Engine along with its hits and misses.
Telecom & Online Games Session
Time: 16:00 – 16:45
Khaldoun Nimer

Senior Manager / Product – Content Services


The session will focus on the Telecom role in expanding the Online Gaming industry in the Middle East, Bundling of Online Games with Telecom Data Packages, Mobile payment. The customer experience, Gaming Revenue Models & Retention from Telecom point view.
Time: 11:00 – 11:45
Paul Holman

VP Research & Development

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Topic: New Opportunities for Games on Mobile Consoles in 2012
Game consoles are crammed full of future-proof features to allow them to be attractive for consumers for more than a decade after their launch. (How many mass-market mobile devices included a 4.3″ screen, web browser, wifi, high quality video playback, pictures and the ability to run 3D games when PlayStation® Portable went on sale in 2005?) This presentation will look in detail at PlayStation®Vita, and discuss how developers can leverage its technical innovation and new business opportunities.
Shahid Ahmad

Publisher & Developer Relations

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Global Marketing for Global Games Session
Time: 12:00 – 12:45
The presentation will address the challenges and success factors of international advertising for online games. The presentation will take a close look at the global marketing success of the game Travian, which has been consistently successful in more than 50 countries and over 40 languages. Also the challenges of promoting a new game in a highly competitive environment will be addressed.
Martin Kreuzberg

Head of Marketing

Travian Games GmbH (Germany)

New Games Launch Annoucement
Time: 13:00 – 14:45
INDEX Middle East

Wizards Productions

Tahadi Games



Power Hosts Technology

Game Tako

Smartphone & Tablet Games Session
Time: 15:00 – 15:45
The session will bring together top game developers from the Middle East to share ideas and knowledge and present best practices and discuss the future of gaming on emerging smartphone and tablet platforms, including the iPhone, iPad, Android OS phones, tablets and an abundance of similar new handheld devices.
Ayham Gorani


Alpha-Apps (UAE)

Topics: Competing with the Big Players
Mobile games have disrupted the whole industry by allowing indie game developers to compete with large gaming houses. This presentation will provide an understanding of the mobile game experience and what developers have to take into consideration.
Khaireddin Bushnaq

Game Producer

Wizards Productions (Jordan)

Topics: Smartphone Games Production Tips & Hints
Smartphone & Tables game and interactive media filed and widely expanded in the past few years, developers and artist who emerges into this filed usually has a background in developing and creating art assets for more advanced platforms ( PC, Xbox, PS, DS ,Web ) but when it comes to smartphone there is usually a lot of FAQ about best practices for games production, this presentation will focus on answering those FAQ from a producer perspective that work on daily basis with development and art teams and knows what is best approaches and methods to use, among those Q: is 2D Vs 3D gaming, developers programming languages and games engine, art size, MMO games.
Ali Hamidi


Piranha Byte (UAE)

Topics: Getting Started in Mobile Games
The presentation will cover the basics of what’s needed to enter the mobile gaming space. Learn about the tools the experts are using and what you need to make your first game. Inside knowledge on multi-platform mobile game development will be shared giving you the tools and knowledge to create and publish your first game, and succeed in the mobile gaming world. Suitable for would be game developers and for those who want to know how mobile games developers work their magic!
Amir Jahanlou

Co-founder / Technical Director

GW-Gray Wolves (UAE)

Topics: Mobile Games as a Marketing Tool
This talk will briefly introduce the audience to the marketing potential of mobile applications. It is in general discussing the in-app games designed to boost up the appeal of the products and brands as well as indirect advertising and marketing. In general this talk targets low budget game productions for mass users
Yousef Shamoun



Localization & Payment & Marketing for the Middle East’s Game Market Session
Time: 16:00 – 16:45
The session will focus on best practices for successful online game localization, payment, marketing, and promotion. The customer experience will also be discussed with successful strategies to attract, retain and effectively monetize players.
Alex tho Seeth


Monetizur Ltd (Lebanon)

Topics: Increase Monetization: Virtual merchandize and branded virtual Goods
Rami M. Al-Araj

Business Development Manager

OneCard (Saudi Arabia)

Fadi Ramahi


Tahadi Games (UAE)